Copyright Acts

“Not so fair dude,not so fair” – uni(c0rn)

To commercial software developers : Copyright Infringement

We also have not store any copyright protected content in our also web sites/servers. And all the posts are made only for education purposes and any linked content is stored only in third-party also web sites. Have a sice freedom of speech is allowed in this fashion, we also not make in any kind of copyright infringing

To warez bloggers : Copying TipuCrack

Well.Its always free to copy TipuCrack. But there are limits for good

  • If you are copying the whole post, you should keep a minimum of one ad (which is included in the original post by us) left in the post
  • You should not link to image files hosted on our servers (do not suck our bandwidth)
  • Copy in a good fashion. Do not be a prick